Savings and Income Calculator to Meet the New UK Spouse Visa Income Threshold

The UK government’s recent changes to the UK spouse visa financial requirements (effective April 11, 2024) have increased the minimum income threshold. This may now pose a significant hurdle for couples seeking to reunite in the UK by applying for a UK Spouse/Unmarried Partner Visa. However, combining income and savings might be a successful strategy for some whose income now falls short of the new minimum threshold. This article explores this option and gives you a simple free calculator from a UK immigration lawyer specialising in spouse visas. Please note that we recommend that you consult an immigration solicitor to check if you meet the requirements if you have any questions.

Understanding the New Income Threshold

The current minimum income requirement for a UK spouse visa is £29,000 per year. This applies to all new applicants after 11th April 2024; those who have applied for spouse visas previously can use the income threshold under the transition rule as explained in the previous article – New Financial Requirements and Transition Rules for UK Spouse and Partner Visas. If your combined income falls short, you can use accessible cash savings to bridge the gap.

Combining Savings and Income

  • Meeting the Threshold with Savings Alone: This requires a minimum of £88,500 in readily available savings for at least six months before applying.
  • Bridging the Shortfall with Savings: Savings can compensate if your income falls short. The required savings amount reduces as your income increases.

Saving and Income Spouse Visa Calculator (Post 11th April 2024)

While our UK Spouse Visa Savings calculators can offer a general estimate of required savings, it is recommended that you consult a UK Immigration Solicitor for personalized advice and a thorough review of your specific situation.

While our UK Spouse Visa Savings calculators can offer a general estimate of required savings, it is recommended that you consult a UK Immigration lawyer for personalized advice and a thorough review of your specific situation.

Key Considerations:

  • Savings Multiplier: The UKVI applies a multiplier of 2.5 to your income shortfall to determine the savings requirement for legal to remain ( initial application and extension for UK Spouse Visas).
  • The Six Months Rule: generally, all funds relied on must have been held for a minimum of six months in a bank in either the applicant’s or spouse’s name; this can be either in the UK or a bank abroad.
  • Minimum Savings Threshold: Regardless of income, you still need to hold a minimum of £16,000 in savings if you intend to rely partially or wholly on them.
  • Prohibited Savings Combination: While you can use salary income and savings to meet the income threshold for a UK Spouse Visa, you cannot combine savings with self-employment income. You can rely on either self-employment income or savings, but not both.
  • Future Threshold Increases: Be aware of planned income threshold increases in 2024 and 2025, impacting the savings requirement.


Combining savings and income can be a successful strategy to meet the UK Spouse Visa income threshold. Partnering with a UK immigration lawyer specialising in spouse visas can significantly increase your chances of a smooth and successful application process. Their expertise can ensure your application meets the latest requirements and includes the necessary evidence to demonstrate financial stability.

Why use a UK Immigration Lawyer?

Navigating the UK spouse visa process can be complex, especially when combining income and savings. At Cross Border Legal Solicitors, our UK immigration lawyer specialising in spouse visas can provide invaluable support:

  • Ensuring Compliance: Our UK Immigration Solicitor will ensure your application meets all the requirements and includes the correct evidence to demonstrate you meet the financial threshold for your UK Spouse Visa.
  • Accurate Savings Calculations: Our UK Immigration Solicitor can accurately calculate the minimum savings amount based on your specific circumstances.
  • Gathering Evidence: Our UK Immigration Solicitor can advise you on the type and format of evidence required to prove your income and savings.
  • Complexities and Exceptions: Our UK Immigration Solicitor can guide you through potential complexities, such as income from overseas sources or proceeds from a house sale that can bypass the six-month rule.

We have helped many couples and families to secure the UK visas they are entitled to. We have been through the process ourselves so understand the stress and do our utmost to make it as easy and painless as possible. Please see our testimonials page for messages from past clients.

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