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The information on this website/blog is for the convenience of the site users only. Although I try to keep this information as up-to-date as possible it cannot be used to substitute proper legal advice tailored to an individual case. I thus do not accept liability for any loss caused by inaccuracy.

Any initial free advice is provided as an assessment only and any use should be subject to further detailed consultation, in which I would be able to examine all the relevant facts and provide proper legal advice, which would be confirmed in writing in accordance with Solicitor’s Regulations. I therefore take no legal responsibility for the free advice given without further detailed consultation.

While I will generally give free advice and evaluations in many cases, this is at my absolute discretion, and this service may be withdrawn at any time and and for any reason. Where I do at time give free advice by e-mail, I will normally respond quickly to your queries if you phone me directly with a brief query, we will normally be able to assist you, but if you want detailed advice I would normally have to charge a consultation fee. By taking advantage of any of our free advice services you are accepting that this may be the case.

Any comments by others on the Forum and Facebook link does not represent my personal views, and although I will endeavour to moderate the content, I do not take any responsibility for these. Any comments made by myself are my personal opinions and should not be taken as reflections of solicitors in general.