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Hi! Welcome to Cross Border Legal website, I am the Solicitor and my full name is Tito Mbariti (formerly known as Tito Mbariti Mburu).


[LL.B Hons] [LL.M- International Law with International Relations]

Solicitor of the Senior Court of England & Wales

Advocate Of the High Court Of Kenya

Language: English, Swahili

Nationality: British/Kenyan 



I was born in a busy suburb of Nairobi City, Kenya. I am the second of a family of 4 children and have two very determined parents, who drilled the importance of a good education into me at an early stage. My neighbourhood was a good mix of people, with most living on the breadline.

I completed both primary and secondary school in Kenyan state schools. I initially thought I would end up in science as I enjoyed the subject and my dad was also a science lecturer. In fact I applied and was accepted to study a Degree In Pharmacy at the University of Pennsylvania, USA. That was never to happen though…

Why law?

I gained a passion for law in the year 2000, following my unlawful arrest by police in my home town of Nairobi, Kenya. The saga led to me being held incommunicado for several days in a police extortion scheme until I was assisted by a lawyer. This left me vowing to learn the law and determined to fight for my rights and the rights of others.

37528_446546202789_8189795_nWhy Human Rights and Immigration?

The main reason I joined the profession was to help and advocate for peoples’ rights, especially those who don’t have a voice. Following Law School, I joined a local insurance firm in Kenya. I felt that this fell short of my objectives, as I acted in defence of insurance companies, hindering the rightful compensation of families, who had often suffered a loss in motor accidents. I longed to work in a role which would involve assisting the less fortunate, minorities and those fighting for justice against the big corporations and governments.

I initially thought that I would best achieve this aim by working for civil societies, so I chose to study a Masters in International Law with International Relations, thus equipping myself with the required skills. In the UK I sought work with civil societies protecting minorities, and as a migrant, I naturally gravitated towards assisting refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants, as I had witnessed the distress caused by the endless red tape and injustices of the system. I initially worked for a Legal Aid firm, but became frustrated with the continuing reduction of cases in which we could assist. I therefore chose to go it alone, assisting clients by offering free initial advice and flexible, reasonable fees.


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Outside of my professional life, I am also a husband, married to a very supportive English lady, and the proud father of two children, who inspire me to continue to fight for a fairer world, one where your right to family or private life is not pegged on how much you earn, the colour of your skin, your nationality or any other bureaucratic obstacles created by governments.FullSizeRender

Outside of the office, I enjoy being out and about in nature and meeting people from different nationalities and cultures. I enjoy cycling, nature walks with my family and a good dance to a tune or two (I am an African of course!). True to the stereotype I have also enjoyed participating in long-distance running events, especially for good causes such as charity fundraising.

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