Light At the End of the Tunnel : A Story of Hope and Inspiration

I would like to share an inspirational story that has further compounded my belief, that indeed, where there is a will there is a way, no matter how impossible things may look.  It was with great honour that I was given permission by my client to share this story as I thought it would be encouraging to many of us.

Initial contact
I first came to know of Om’s story when her husband’s cousin, who was tirelessly seeking for a way to assist Om in returning to England, contacted me for legal advice.

The following is the inspirational story of Om, an amazing lady, who faced immigration challenges as a result of many personal misfortunes beyond her control.


Om is a Thai national who married a British National, with whom she lived in the UK for 4 years. During this time Om and her husband were blessed with a son, also a British National, and Om was granted Indefinite Leave to stay in the UK. Continue Reading →