UK Spouse Visa Financial Requirement – Savings Calculator

 UK Spouse Visa Financial Requirement and Supplement Savings Calculator

As most of you may know by now, since 2012 the government has introduced a new income requirement for a British and settled person wishing to sponsor their Non-EU Spouse/partner. This brought the requirement for the British national (sponsor) up to an earning of at least £18,600 per annum, with no third party sponsorship allowed (you can’t get your rich uncle to stand in for you like old times).

These rules have had a disastrous  effect on Brits who are not earning a high income but never the less play very important roles contributing to this nation; people such as teaching assistants, care workers e.t.c, who would not be able to meet this threshold; in fact it is reported that up to 40% of the UK population do not earn this level of money. Continue Reading →