Home Office Visa and Nationality Fee Increase from 6th April 2017

For those people who have been following UK immigration, this should not come as a surprise but the government has just this week announced it will carry on with its annual tradition of increasing application fee – Well! this year they don’t intend to disappoint and the new fees which were announced, or rather published on their website, on Monday the 3rd April 2017 will kick in on 6th April 2017.

Major Increases

The most significant increase seem to affect mainly Settlement Visa e.g. UK Spouse visa from abroad will go up by a £269, Dependent relative by a staggering £574, Indefinite Leave to Remain by £422 and Indefinite Leave to Remain as dependent of Armed Force by £422.

Example of New UK Immingration Application fees:

Spouse from abroad: £1464

Spouse visa from UK and other Leave to Remain (FLR)- £993

Indefinite Leave to Remain: £2297

Settlement – other dependent relative : £3250

for full detail of the list – See Here!

Nationality application has also increased slightly naturalisation fees e.g naturalisation will not cost £1282 up from £1,202, with an added ceremony fee of £80.


Oh..Yes! there are some reductions, bit it mostly very little and more things which are not actually a full application. this includes a reduction of £49 for application of the right of abode, £55 for Transfer of conditions for ILR.

Beat them !?

Only if you can submit your application before midnight of 6th April 2017, unfortunately ,unlike past practice where the government given several weeks notice, this new fee don’t give people much time to get there act together and submit the application before the new fees kick in; they were announced on 3rd April 2017 and thus only have 3 days to factor in the changes.

unfortunately, this will mean that most people affected will need to dig even further into their pockets:-(

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