Demise of Legal Aid = Curtailment of your Human Rights!

Just wondering is it a coincided that the government, brought in the new family immigration rules changes that spilt family and deprive its citizen of the right to family and private life just a few months after removing this sort of case from scope for Legal Aid? meaning that even if you rights are denied for political expediency, your will not have the expertise to challenge the decision through courts and tribunals…..

As an immigration solicitor I am alarm and the current trend of refusals based on the rules but failing to follow the court ruling (the court has already held that the rules do not remove the duty for Home Office to access your human right as it was before the rules)…why deny people their right only to grant then after appeal or judicial review.Maybe I have got it wrong but seems to me as a strategic erosion of our Human Rights.

I use to work in Legal Aid firm and it’s a shame me and many other lawyers couldn’t anymore due to legal aid changes. However, I hope Human Rights lawyers will use other avenues such this page, taking pro-bono case for very needy case or devising flexible payment option for reasonable fixed legal fee to still uphold the their duty to the rule or law and protection of people human rights for all….

If you need any legal assistance with either immigration or human rights matter, call me on 07544669131 for a free (up to 30 mins) consultation on your case . Just because I can not longer afford to give legal aid doesn’t mean I should just stand back and watch people humans rights get eroded….