Entry Clearance

Looking to come to the UK?

Do you need Entry Clearance?

All nationalities, excluding British Citizens and EEA nationals, are subject to UK immigration controls when attempting to enter the United Kingdom.

Our Immigration Solicitor will advise you on the legal requirements you need to meet in order to gain entry clearance into the UK. Our UKImmigration Solicitor will also advise you on the documentary evidence to be supplied when applying for Entry Clearance.

Note that Entry clearance is a general term that is used to refer applications for UK visas from abroad which include such visa like Spouse, Visitor Visa, Student etc…

Who needs to apply for Entry Clearance?

The UK Immigration Rules specify that nationals from certain countries require entry clearance to the UK in the form of a visa before arriving.

There are some countries however which only require entry clearance to the UK if they are intending to stay in the UK for more than six months, e.g American are generally allowed to come to the UK without an entry clearance visa but instead are expected to present their case at the port of entry for the immigration office to grant them entry ( A.K.A Leave to Entry), such national is called non-visa national.

Contact UK Immigration Solicitor Tito From Cross Border Legal Solicitor to find out if and how you can get Entry Clearance you can also see the government Appendix 2 Visa National List to see a list of countries which require a visa when travelling to the UK as a visitor.

How Can Our UK Immigration Solicitor Assist you?

If you wish to apply for entry clearance to the UK or intend to visit the UK for longer than six months, contact our UK Immigration Solicitor today and we can assist you in making your application and provide you with expert advice to ensure your application is completed correctly.

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UK Spouse Visa

Under the UK Immigration Rules, a person who is the spouse or partner of a British citizen or someone settled in the UK (i.e Indefinite Leave to Remain) may apply for a Spouse Visa if they meet the eligibility criteria.

Our Immigration Solicitor will advise you on the legal requirements you need to meet in order to apply for a Spouse Visa. Our Immigration Solicitor will also advise you on the documentary evidence to be submitted in your Spouse Visa Application. In so doing, our Immigration Solicitor will assist you in completing the Spouse Visa Application Form.

What is a Spouse Visa?

Our Immigration Solicitor will advise that you seek the help of a UK Immigration Solicitor in order to process your application

  • A spouse visa applies where an individual is married to a British citizen or in a relationship akin to a marriage. The applicant’s spouse must be someone who is settled in the UK.

Who can apply for a Spouse Visa?

Our Immigration Solicitor will advise you on the eligibility criteria to apply for Spouse Visa. You are eligible to apply for a spouse visa if you are:

  • Over the age of 18
  • Married to a British citizen
  • You have met your spouse in person
  • Meet the new income threshold set by the Home Office as off 2012; earn a salary of £18,600 per annum or have cash savings worth £62,500. However, other requirements might apply for applicants in receipt of certain benefits or allowances, or pensions. Our Immigration Solicitor will advise you will advise you on the ways of meeting the financial requirement.
  • If you have children/dependents you must show an additional financial requirements, which varies depending on the number or dependents. Our Immigration Solicitor will assist you on the level of the financial requirement you need to meet to sponsor your child/children.
  • Your spouse must show in evidence that he/she has adequate maintenance in order to support you (and your children if any).
  • Your spouse must also show that they have adequate accommodation in order to house you/your children.

Further Requirements for a Spouse Visa

Our Immigration Solicitor will advise you if you need to meet any further requirement for your Spouse Visa application:

  • If you are between the ages of 18-65, and are not part of an EEA country, you will be required to take an English Test with a minimum Level A1 certification at an IELTS approved test centre (unless you hold an University Degree from a British University)
  • If you are from one of the Home Office’s listed countries, you must take a TB Test and provide medical evidence of this.

ILR for a Spouse

Our Immigration Solicitor will assist you in extending your Spouse Visa, and in applying for ILR when you meet the requirements to do it so:

  • Your Spouse Visa is valid for a period of 33 months. Under UK Immigration laws, you may renew your spouse visa.
  • After 5 years on Spouse Visa you may become eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain.

How our Immigration Solicitor can assist you?

Cross Border Legal are UK Immigration solicitors with expertise in Immigration and Human Rights Law.

  • Our Immigration Solicitor is able to assist you with your Spouse Visa application which can be made from within the country or abroad.
  • Our Immigration Solicitor is willing to help with complex immigration issues relating to your spouse visa application.
  • We are able to have a Skype conference or phone meeting , where the Immigration Solicitor will discuss your immigration matter further.

Free Immigration Advice

Call and Speak to a UK  Immigration Solicitor who can provide free general immigration advice via telephone: 07544669131, email:info@crossborderlegal.co.uk or Skype.

Please be advised that the free immigration advice is subject to the availability of the Immigration Solicitor or his assistant and only for a time not exceeding 30 minutes. We reserve our right to terminate the free advice session at any time, if necessary. Furthermore, please be advised that the free immigration advice is given without accepting any liability for any loss caused by inaccuracy. For general information about UK Immigration, you can visit Immigration Blog

The free advice does not cover:

  • The advice in relation to complex immigration issues; or
  • Advice about documents to be submitted in support of the application/appeal.

Please note that Iiff your enquiry is not about general immigration laws and procedures, you are advised to make an appointment for:

  • Detailed advice through face to face consultation; or
  • Detailed advice over the phone or Skype

*Please be advised note that the firm normally  experiencing high volume of enquiries for free advice which is resulting in delay in responding to the enquiries for free advice, especially through email. If your matter is urgent, you should call our office and book an appointment for detailed advice.*