Free Immigration Advice

Call and Speak to a UK  Immigration Solicitor who can provide free general immigration advice via telephone: 07544669131, or Skype.

Please be advised that the free immigration advice is subject to the availability of the Immigration Solicitor or his assistant and only for a time not exceeding 30 minutes. We reserve our right to terminate the free advice session at any time, if necessary. Furthermore, please be advised that the free immigration advice is given without accepting any liability for any loss caused by inaccuracy. For general information about UK Immigration, you can visit Immigration Blog

The free advice does not cover:

  • The advice in relation to complex immigration issues; or
  • Advice about documents to be submitted in support of the application/appeal.

Please note that Iiff your enquiry is not about general immigration laws and procedures, you are advised to make an appointment for:

  • Detailed advice through face to face consultation; or
  • Detailed advice over the phone or Skype

*Please be advised note that the firm normally  experiencing high volume of enquiries for free advice which is resulting in delay in responding to the enquiries for free advice, especially through email. If your matter is urgent, you should call our office and book an appointment for detailed advice.*