Entry Clearance

Looking to come to the UK?

Do you need Entry Clearance?

All nationalities, excluding British Citizens and EEA nationals, are subject to UK immigration controls when attempting to enter the United Kingdom.

Our Immigration Solicitor will advise you on the legal requirements you need to meet in order to gain entry clearance into the UK. Our UKImmigration Solicitor will also advise you on the documentary evidence to be supplied when applying for Entry Clearance.

Note that Entry clearance is a general term that is used to refer applications for UK visas from abroad which include such visa like Spouse, Visitor Visa, Student etc…

Who needs to apply for Entry Clearance?

The UK Immigration Rules specify that nationals from certain countries require entry clearance to the UK in the form of a visa before arriving.

There are some countries however which only require entry clearance to the UK if they are intending to stay in the UK for more than six months, e.g American are generally allowed to come to the UK without an entry clearance visa but instead are expected to present their case at the port of entry for the immigration office to grant them entry ( A.K.A Leave to Entry), such national is called non-visa national.

Contact UK Immigration Solicitor Tito From Cross Border Legal Solicitor to find out if and how you can get Entry Clearance you can also see the government Appendix 2 Visa National List to see a list of countries which require a visa when travelling to the UK as a visitor.

How Can Our UK Immigration Solicitor Assist you?

If you wish to apply for entry clearance to the UK or intend to visit the UK for longer than six months, contact our UK Immigration Solicitor today and we can assist you in making your application and provide you with expert advice to ensure your application is completed correctly.

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