AA (Nigeria) v. Secretary of State (2017) – Extending the Surinder Singh Requirements – “Genuine and Effective” Residence


Since 2012, the UK government has put strict conditions, such as financial requirements, on spouses of British Nationals who wish to move to the UK. However, Surinder Singh (see previous blog posts here and here) has effectively opened up an alternative route for those British Nationals and their spouses who do not meet the strict requirements for a Spouse Visa but are willing to relocate to live in another EEA country, with the option of coming back to the UK in the future.

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EEA Self-Employed Mother Who Gives Up Work Temporary to Give Birth Is Still Worker -EU Court Rules

Definition Of “Worker” under EU Law – Self Employed and Agency worker Mothers on maternity

Following a lengthy court battle the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom requested a preliminary ruling under Article 267 TFEU by a decision dated the 31st October 2012;

see case Saint Prix v Secretary of Sate for Work and Pension 2013 UKSC and the YouTube video below.

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Light At the End of the Tunnel : A Story of Hope and Inspiration

I would like to share an inspirational story that has further compounded my belief, that indeed, where there is a will there is a way, no matter how impossible things may look.  It was with great honour that I was given permission by my client to share this story as I thought it would be encouraging to many of us.

Initial contact
I first came to know of Om’s story when her husband’s cousin, who was tirelessly seeking for a way to assist Om in returning to England, contacted me for legal advice.

The following is the inspirational story of Om, an amazing lady, who faced immigration challenges as a result of many personal misfortunes beyond her control.


Om is a Thai national who married a British National, with whom she lived in the UK for 4 years. During this time Om and her husband were blessed with a son, also a British National, and Om was granted Indefinite Leave to stay in the UK. Continue Reading →