New UK Immigration Visa Fees for 2018 Announced

From the 6th of April 2018, major immigration fee increases are due to be introduced for those looking to visit or settle in the UK.The government has finally announced the fee increases on the Gov.UK website ahead of the change the home office fees 2018/19.


Although there are small increases across the board, at first glance, it doesn’t seem that there are many significant increases.

The most notable increases are seen in the visa applications from abroad for settlement in the UK with an increase of £56, and applications for indefinite leave to remain for dependants of members of Armed Forces with a hike of £92.

Most of the other increases are minimal compared to the previous year.

Sample New Home Office Fees 2018/19:

Spouse Visa from Abroad –£1,523

Spouse Visa from the UK – £1,033

Indefinite Leave to Remain – £2,389

For a full list of the fee increases follow this link: New Home Office Fees 2018/19 2018

As you will note most fees have only had a nominal increase of less than £100…


Not much…. but there are some small reductions this year including for applications for Settlement for a refugee’s dependant relative of £35, and some other small reductions for administrative matters.

At first glance, you might think that the new increases don’t look too bad this year, but there is one major change that the government have made that will affect all immigrants looking to enter the UK…


The health surcharge that currently stands at £200 per year will double to £400 per year for most migrants and for students will double from £150 to £300 per year, which dramatically increases the costs for all visa applicants who wish to stay for over six months.more detail about this announced by the government – see gov website on  IHS INCREASE

So, for example, a person applying for a spouse visa from the UK would currently pay a total of £1493 ( IHS fee 500 + £993 application fee) but from 6th  April 2018 this will go up to £2033. the overall increase will be huge...


For those of you that want to avoid the health surcharge, and can make your application now, then do so.

Note: if you make the application online now, even if your visa appointment is after the 6th April, you will still be subject to this year’s rules. (Rule 34G)

The rise of the health surcharge has been put in place to boost the income of the NHS by £220m per year so one can see how the timing of this increase will go unchallenged under the current National Health Sercive hyped crises but ultimately this makes it even more unaffordable for migrant family trying to apply for visa to stay or come to the UK.  … act now if you can …

*** Update **** 10/4/18

So the dreaded day has come and passed… the Application Fees are slightly up but is a bit of relief to not the have yet to increase the IHS fee ( immigration Health Surcharge) in line with the Immigration Minister Proposal…/health-charge-for-temporary-migrants-w…

– Hoping the government will back down on this, although I am not holding my breath as… Please sign any petition against the increase if you have not yet signed it

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