Home Office appeals against recent High Court judgment on minimum income threshold

Home Office Statement:

“We believe matters of public policy, including the detail of how the minimum income threshold should operate, are for the Government and Parliament to determine, not the Courts. ….”

The long awaited news is out today( 27.7.2013), but No! The Home Office will not be releasing a statement on how they intend to comply with the recent high court decision but will be appealing!

This is to the disappointment of many, especially couples who have been waiting with baited breath to make their spouse visa application following the recent High Court ruling that recommended that the Home Office reduce and ease the  requirement for the minimum income threshold (Currently £18,600 for a couple). Continue Reading →

EU Family Route: What is Surinder Singh route?

Those of you that have kept up-to-date with the recent immigration news or are  in the process of trying to bring their foreign Non-EU Spouse into the UK , would have possibly heard of the so called EU Family Route or ‘Surinder Singh’ route. This is a route that is becoming an increasingly popular (or necessary) option for Britons who seek to reunite with their spouse having fallen foul of the current immigration rules.

Why EU Route?

In case you haven’t been in the loop on what is happening; say you are a British national and have just gotten engaged to a non-EEA national. Well… congratulations first of all, and second,  I hope you have a very good job, as you will need one. Continue Reading →

Are Family Migration Rules About Change?

Several people have asked me the following questions

“Do you think there will be changes to the rules[Family Immigration Rules on financial Threshold] following the court case. If so, what will happen?”

Well this is my honest opinion. Simple answer is YES! and NO!

Yes! the secretary of state will have to responds, they already have by saying you can still apply even if you don’t meet the finical threshold (see home office website) if the secretary of state failed to consider this courts recommendation then they risk having most of they refusals overturned on appeal on the bases of Article 8 European Conventions on Human Rights . Continue Reading →

Demise of Legal Aid = Curtailment of your Human Rights!

Just wondering is it a coincided that the government, brought in the new family immigration rules changes that spilt family and deprive its citizen of the right to family and private life just a few months after removing this sort of case from scope for Legal Aid? meaning that even if you rights are denied for political expediency, your will not have the expertise to challenge the decision through courts and tribunals….. Continue Reading →