Brexit: What happens to EU Nationals after the EU Referendum?

I know a lot of people are worried about the EU referendum result and I am overwhelmed with calls from people asking what happens now that we have left the EU – please stay calm!

UK Still Part Of European Union

We are still in the EU and all the laws remain the same for now; the earliest that we will be out of the EU is two years from the time that the government gives formal notice to the EU of our intention to divorce.

I will be writing an article shortly on the options available for EU nationals, but please note that most of the legal implications remain unknown and subject to the UK negotiations with the EU. It is highly unlikely that EU nationals or their families will be ‘kicked-out’ as a result of the referendum result.

Those Already Here or Abroad under Free Movement

Likely to be suggested would be a transition arrangement with some form of cut off date, allowing those EU nationals already here to switch their visa to a national visa of some sort. This is of course assuming that we don’t have the continuation of free movement (something that is hard to see happening given all the other models like Switzerland and Norway).

Act now! if you can…

Also, those EU nationals who have been here for more than 5 years exercising their treaty rights as: (A worker, job seeker, Self sufficient (with Insurance), A student (with Insurance), Self employed ) are eligible to apply for permanent residence, which then enables an application for British nationality. This would be a sensible thing to do while we wait to see what the implications of the referendum will be.

All guess work for now…but things should settle down

Unfortunately, we have all leapt in to the world of the unknown and thus need to stay calm and deal with things as they come. Either way I believe there will be no mass removal of people across the continent due to this; Britain is still a civilised nation!

If you wish to find out your options as an EU national or need help with making a application for permanent residence or British nationality please call our office for a quick free of charge chat with A UK immigration Solicitor.