Savings and Income Calculator to Meet the New UK Spouse Visa Income Threshold

The UK government’s recent changes to the UK spouse visa financial requirements (effective April 11, 2024) have increased the minimum income threshold. This may now pose a significant hurdle for couples seeking to reunite in the UK by applying for a UK Spouse/Unmarried Partner Visa. However, combining income and savings might be a successful strategy for some whose income now falls short of the new minimum threshold. This article explores this option and gives you a simple free calculator from a UK immigration lawyer specialising in spouse visas. Please note that we recommend that you consult an immigration solicitor to check if you meet the requirements if you have any questions.

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New Financial Requirements and Transition Rules for UK Spouse and Partner Visas

The UK government has embarked on a significant policy shift by increasing the Minimum Income Requirement (MIR) for spouse visas under Appendix FM. The original threshold of £18,600 has been raised to £29,000, marking a substantial change to the immigration landscape. This adjustment is part of a broader strategy unveiled by the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary on the 4th of December 2023, aimed at reducing net migration and addressing immigration abuse.

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New Transnational Marriage Abandonment Law – UK Visa for Victims of Domestic Abuse Abroad

New Transnational Marriage Abandonment law January 2024

For some people, marriage also brings a new life in a new country. But tragically, not all marriages work out as expected. Transnational marriage abandonment (TMA), when a spouse is deliberately abandoned overseas by their British or settled partner, leaves victims stranded abroad. However, there is finally good news for survivors of TMA. Since the 31st of January 2024, victims of transnational marriage abandonment can apply for a visa to return to the UK. This follows the landmark case of R on the application of AM v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2022] EWHC 2591 (Admin).

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Dates for Rule Changes for Family and Work Visas Announced for March and April 2024

Following on from our recent article on the Immigration Health Surcharge Increase and the Change of Minimum Income for Family Visas, the government has recently set a timeline for further changes to the Immigration rules.

This is part of their 5-point plan to reduce immigration, which, unfortunately, is being touted as a benefit to win votes for the upcoming election. We wrote an article detailing the five changes when they were announced, but here is a quick recap:

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UK Unmarried Partner Visa

Although the UK does not legally recognise common-law partners in equal measure to some countries, such as Sweden (with their Sambo visa), the law does make provisions for serious long-term relationships. This allows Unmarried Partners to apply for a type of family visa that will enable them to enter or remain in the UK based on their relationship with either a British citizen, a person with Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), pre-settled status, settled status, or refugee status; this visa is called the “Unmarried Partner Visa.”

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